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In Botswana Veterinary services are provided both by Government and Private Sector Veterinarians. The Private sector charges for their services as would any private business. Government services are aimed providing services that improve the overall health of the National Herd as well as protecting the Country from the import of diseases from across borders.  Below are some examples of the work done by the two sectors:

1.Private Veterinarians

    •Vaccinations of pets
    •Diagnosing and treating diseases of Pets and Livestock
    •Surgical procedures on Pets and Production Animals
    •Disease prevention in Pets and Livestock
    •Dental care of pets
    •Sale of Vaccines, Veterinary drugs and Veterinary Equipment
    •Advice on Pet and Livestock Care
    •Wildlife – Game Capture

2.Government Veterinarians

    •Disease surveillance and Control
    •Livestock Vaccination Campaigns
    •Rabies Vaccination Campaigns for dogs
    •Livestock Identification and Traceability (LITS)
    •Brand Registration
    •Artificial Insemination Programmes
    •Livestock Advisory Centres
    •Laboratory Services (National Veterinary Laboratory)
    •Regulation of animal product import and export
    •Wildlife Veterinary Services