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Pet Care

Pets have been a very important part of life for a long time. Whether pets are used as working animals or they form part of a family, they need some level of Veterinary care. Veterinarians encourage a strong and healthy Pet-Human bond for the benefit of both. The most basic care that dogs and cats need are:

•Quality nutrition – Balanced diet
•Vaccination against the common diseases that affect them. Rabies vaccinations are a legal requirement due to the danger it poses to human beings. Although the core vaccinations for dogs and cats are not a legal requirement, they important in protecting your pets against potentially fatal diseases. Your Veterinarian will be able to provide these vaccinations to your pet.
•Internal parasite control – de-worming. This is not only for the health of the pet being de-wormed but also for the people and livestock in contact with that pet since they too can get parasites from them.
•External Parasite control – Tick, Flea and Lice control. Ticks are a very important vector of some diseases that affect animals including dogs. Fleas and lice are also an important parasite as they can suck enough blood from small pets to lead to death!

Taking your pets to the Vet is extremely important as they will be able to advise you on basic pet care as well as special care that your pets need. This includes treating your pet when it is sick and also screening for diseases in your older pets so they can be given the best quality of life by early intervention.