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Membership to the association is open to every veterinarian or organization that supports the objectives of the association.
Different types of membership exist in the association namely:

a) Honorary  Life – granted by majority vote at the AGM to persons that have rendered exceptional valuable service to the association or profession
b) Ordinary with the right to vote
c) Temporary - granted to members of other associations at the discretion of BVA Executive
d) Associate - reserved for persons not residing in Botswana, such as vet students

Why be a member of the Association

•The association has in its membership individuals with diverse characters and strengths  to allow it to be able to influence Government and the community on issues affecting the profession
•A member is afforded an opportunity to interact with colleagues on issues of the profession sharing opinions and debates
•BVA has as one of its missions, to maintain and up hold high professional and scientific standards. This is achieved by providing the general membership with regularly organized seminars, congresses and lectures as part of Continued Professional Development
•Since no man or professional is an island, the association gives members a sense of belonging to a common group of interests sharing experiences, successes and failures
•For veterinary students  the associate membership gives access to potential employers upon qualifying and extra mural attachments

How to be a member

A person or organization wishing to join the association shall do so by submitting particulars in written form to the Secretary. This can be downloaded from here.

There must be a proposer and seconded by existing members. The applicant name will be availed for consideration by the general membership within 4 weeks at the end of which time the Committee will decide on membership taking any objection raised
Joining members will be expected to pay full subscription for the year in advance when membership has been approved.